The Sketch above is "Keats" drawn by Letty McDonough

Peter – (Archie/Miranda 2010 Litter)

Archie is a little over five-months old now. As I cast my mind back well over two years ago to that first telephone conversation with Cora, I count myself extremely fortunate to have connected with her. Meeting Cora, Miranda, KD, and a fellow member of the Northwind's extended family in person confirmed that there is something special going on here. I could see and feel the love that these sweet, beautiful dogs possess and inspire. The wait was excruciating but totally worth it. As Archie joined my family, I joined Cora's extended Northwind's family. I've been thrilled to have access to Cora's wise counsel and comparing notes with my fellow Miranda 2010 puppy-owners. Archie is growing up fast, but no matter how big he gets, Archie (and I) will always enjoy the benefit of how much love he received under Cora's care. I see it in his eyes every day.

June 2010 - Walter & Drifter
I helped to bring Walte & Drifter together when I learned that a young adult dog needed a new home..

Dear Cora,
You are truly a Wonderful, Kind and Caring Person! How does one express thanks to someone who has lifted the spirits of another and returned joy to that person's heart?  As you know, several months ago I lost my beloved soul mate, Ozzie, a Champion English Setter to an aggressive form of cancer. When this happened, my heart was broken, I cried for days on end and I am not ashamed to say that even though I am 60 years old. My being was such that I thought that I could never, ever welcome another pet into my home. As time passed though, my house was for me no longer a home. The quiet was un-nerving - I so missed the patter of paws and the joy of a setter family member. One evening as I was on my computer I came across your website. I cannot say with any certainty, but I suspect my Ozzie was prompting me to reach out to you in my quest to welcome a new setter into our family. Cora, fate acts in so many unique ways, but I thank the day I reached out to you. I firmly believe that God bestows upon each of us a special task to accomplish while on this Earth - for you it is to be a wonderful and loving Mom and to extend that love to those special dogs that we call the English Setter. From my first contact with you, you offered compassionate words on the loss of my Ozzie and you offered your kind and caring help in my search for a new setter to join my family. You took the time to understand my needs and you undertook an outreach to find just the perfect setter to become our new family member. All through this process you stayed in touch with me and the more we spoke, the more I realized what a special person you are. You wanted to be certain of a perfect match and low and behold - Drifter entered our lives.  Cora, Drifter has only been a member of my family for a short time, but in that short period, your wise guidance shines through as he is perfect in so many ways. Drifter is a handsome setter and true to the breed, so very loving. In the few days in his new home he has laid claim to the living room sofa and likes to lie down on it on his back with his paws spread out and with that look - Dad rub my belly. Even through he has his own beds, he prefers the "big" one and he is kind enough to leave some room on it for his Dad, and you should know, Dad just loves it. Drifter is a joy and we love him so. Cora, I like to think of Ozzie as my angel in heaven and I like to think of you as an angel here on Earth. You are a caring person with a love for English Setters that is unmatched. Thanks to you, I have a wonderful new family member in Drifter and through this all, I have a wonderful new friend in you. 
Sincerely, Walter

March 2010 - Laurentiu & Family from Iowa
Since Miranda & Mother Nature are not cooperating with my breeding plans, I referred this wonderful family to Fieldplay English Setters

It was a pleasure to meet with you - you are exactly as I imaged that you would be:
very passionate about the breed and fully committed to breeding dogs with balanced temperaments and sound health. Both my wife and I were delighted to learn that

March 2010 Marleen & Mia
A lovely retired show dog that needed a new home

I still can't express how much I appreciate you bringing Mia into our life. We are so in love with "Mia". She has pretty much taken over the whole house. Sleeping on the couches, beds, summer furniture and just about anything else that may have a cushion on it. She cracks us up. Besides, I can't stop kissing her oh so soft nose. Seriously, I can't thank you enough. I adore her and so do the kids. She is the kindest, most beautiful, sweet dog I've ever met. These dogs are the best kept secret. No other dog is as beautiful, kind, loving and more of a family dog than English Setters. Thanks again Marleen

Debbie and Schooner
Jan 2010

You remain very close to my heart not only because you made it possible for Schooner to be in my life, but because you are the most genuine, caring, breeder on the planet and a wonderful person. Your love of your pups and your determination to make sure they are only raised in good, loving homes meant so much to me. I have found breeders that let profit guide their decisions---not you. You genuinely care about your pups and I will always thank you for that. Some new pictures of Schooner will follow shortly. He's so gentle and handsome and loving--AND LOVED!!!

Mark, Lauren, Matt and Jane
Archie (Tess x Sarge Litter)

We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we adore Archie (more formally known as Archibald Jack). He is the most loving and the silliest dog in the world, and a very wonderful part of our family.

Patty (Baylen)
2008 Tess Litter

Baylen is such a love, and had been a beautiful enjoyable puppy from the start. He is wonderful with guests and visitors and he is a joy to be around. He graduated from puppy-class back in March. We had fun together in that class. He has wonderful little quirks like jumping on us after we sneeze to make sure we are o.k. He taps at the shutters on the window to let us know he has to go outside. He newest thing is trying to catch fireflies at night. We can't imagine life without him

Anna and David (Friday)
Update from Ann (Friday) April 2010
Friday could not be sweeter or more beautiful.  People stop me all the time when we are on walks. Friday was boarded last week while we were in California; the woman who owns the kennel loves Friday and treats us like family. While we were gone, she took Friday to a new groomer she thought we should try. Well, this groomer shows dogs and she raved over Friday's beauty. The way he holds his head and his gate is so elegant and regal. I never see other dogs who walk like he does. The woman who boards him trains retrievers and has written several books on the subject. She has commented on the strength of his nose. She thinks he has strong hunting instincts, especially from a bench-line dog. In short, you bred a wonderful dog.

Anna and David (Friday)

We have loved Friday since the minute he came coming running towards us. He is such an intelligent and loving dog. From his second night home he was sleeping through the night and fitting right into our busy household. Nothing seems to phase Friday. The boys love playing with him, and when’s all worn out he’ll either curl up next to me or just go right to his crate for a nap. The funniest thing Friday does, I think, is go to the counter where I keep his basket of toys and give me a small bark to let me know he’s ready for something new. I just put the basket on the floor and he chooses what he feels like playing with next!

Working with Cora made the process of adding a new member to our family so special. Her knowledge of, and love for, the breed showed through every step of the way.  After losing our beloved dog of 14 years, I was nervous to start all over again.  Cora's compassion, guidance, and willingness to answer question (even since we brought Friday home!) has been a true blessing.  Thank you so much for all that you have done for us throughout this process.

Tara and Mike (Tess' 2007 Litter)
After losing our dear Kendall, We decided we really wanted another English Setter. We started an extensive search, and we were finally introduced to Cora. We just love Bailey. He is feisty, fun and very sweet. What impressed us most about Cora, was her constant correspondence with us during the time we were waiting to bring Bailey home. Many e-mails were passed between us and Cora always responded quickly and thoroughly. We also liked all the pictures that she sent. We really do appreciate the way she has taken care of all of Tess’ puppies. We also thought it was exceptional in the way she chose which puppy went to which family. She carefully matched the families’ needs and personalities with each puppy. We know Bailey was meant to be in our family because he fits so perfectly. Thanks so much Cora for giving us the privilege of owning another English Setter.

Carole and Kenneth (Tess' 2007 Litter)
My memories of these past weeks have been an experience that I will never forget. Cora is delightful and a very caring breeder.  Our Breena is so loving & adorable. After losing our English Setter "Bridge", in my heart I know that "Bridge" was leading me on a special journey to meet a loving person like Cora and her precious Tess. I will never forget how compassionate and caring Cora has been.  We love Breena so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 


Dave and Kim
We admire Cora's approach to breeding because she brings honesty, knowlege and integrity to the breed.  She is an ethical and loving breeder that will make your experience very personal and enjoyable.  Cora's puppies are a reflection of the love, attention and healthy environment she provides to each and every puppy.  We like the fact that she produces QUALITY and not QUANITY.  Cora's English Setters are beautiful and we can see why she is so proud of them.  

Kim - (Willa / Miranda 2010 Litter)
After having known the love and companionship of a wonderful English Setter for 12 1/2 years, it was very difficult to lose her. Time passed and it became apparent that my house was not a home without a dog. My search led me to Cora at Northwind's Setters. Being able to see her beautiful dogs and read how happy her previous pet families are, I knew that I had found the right place and sent my puppy request in immediately. When Cora called to talk with me, I could tell that her dogs weren't just dogs. They were important members of her family, just as mine had been. Unfortunately, mother nature wasn't co-operating and Cora offered the names of other breeder's with pups. My instincts told to be patient and wait, that I had already found the right breeder, and that is what I told Cora. "Good things come to those who wait". It wasn't long until I received the news that I had been waiting for...Miranda was pregnant! Cora kept me posted all along the way with phone calls and e-mails. Soon it was time to bring my fur covered bundle of energy and joy that I call Willa home. Everyone that meets her comments on how beautiful she is! Personally, I can't get over how intelligent she is. This is a testament to Cora's knowledge of and commitment to the breed.
The best part is knowing that Cora is only a phone call or e-mail away to answer any question I may have as Willa grows.I can't thank her enough for my wonderful new friend

Quincy spends his day chasing butterflies & anything else that moves. He points the birds in the backyard & is beautiful to watch. He is just adorable and has a personality that makes you just want to be with him all the time. He loves everyone, he is just PERFECT !!! Thank you so much for this wonderful boy. 
Quincy & I were at handling class and someone said I've never saw a dog so happy, he really loves, look at the way he looks at you ~ he has nothing but love in his eyes when he looks at you

Jones Family

What a wonderful gift Dougal was for our whole family! He is a playful, rambunctious pup but already showing us how very smart he is. Everyone who meets him falls in love with his cheeky little face as he is just bursting with personality. One of the things that first struck me in talking to Cora was her genuine enthusiasm about her setters and her honest advice about whether a setter pup would be a good fit for our family. All of this gave me a great deal of confidence in selecting her as a breeder. Cora kept us informed about Tess and the puppies all the way along, even calling the day they arrived to give us the exciting news.

As this was our first time owning a puppy as adults, we needed quite a bit of advice from Cora and she was always more than happy to help. She gave us some wonderful reference points for training Dougal and those methods are working very well for us. I would not hesitate to recommend Cora and her puppies to anyone looking for an English setter. We hope to add to our doggy family in the future and I would certainly deal with Cora again.

Update on Jake in New Jersey 

You should be very proud of your dogs.!!  Jake is so smart, beautiful and a loving friend. He has a very happy fun home here. He was the hit of our Christmas celebrations.  Happy New Year !

Mary and Holmes

When we were searching for an English Setter, Cora's informative website helped us make an important decision for our family.  She loves and cares about this breed and when you talk to her you feel her enthusiasm for keeping the breed what it should be....healthy, smart, sweet. loving, and beautiful !

My first phone call to Cora was a dual interview.  We interviewed each other.  If we lived closer, we could easily be friends, because of her ethics and values.  Cora kept us informed of every aspect of Miranda's pregnancy, delivery and the puppies health.   Jake is a joyful pup.  He is so smart, he has us wrapped around his little paw.  We can tell he will be a huggy, snuggly boy.  Our Vet was impressed with his health and intelligence.  We can't say enough about Cora and her professionalism.   Keep it up have one more happy family here with Jake !

Jack and Debbie
In August 2006 we welcomed our little girl “Claire of Camelot”. Our relationship with Cora was outstanding. Her personal involvement as “Mom” to Tess and the puppies was reassuring as echoed by telephone calls, emails and Vet reports.
Cora's valiant effort when it was time for Claire to come to us was extraordinary. It was not an easy task since we lived in Texas and the continued heat made flights from PA to TX nearly impossible. We drove 4 hours to Houston from San Antonio to pick up our "Claire". As promised, I called Cora the minute she was in our arms!

The personal care and upbringing by Cora to her puppies is fantastic. Her follow-up emails, telephone calls and cards to all the Moms and Dads throughout the year have been genuine and heartwarming. Northwinds is outstanding, professional, caring and compassionate and we highly recommend them. Claire has grown into a happy, beautiful, strong and loving English Setter. 

Here is a note from our groomer (
Pam Shepp Labby Lane Kennel & Grooming) I groom and care for Claire when the Caso's are out of town. She is the "epitomy" of what an English setter should be. I just love her gentleness and her spirit. She is healthy and happy and the Caso's love her so much. I really enjoy having her here to board and groom. Oh, and she's gorgeous!

I have a setter of my own who is now 10 and when and if I EVER get into a position where I can have another setter (and I will), I hope you will have a lovely setter like Claire for me. Keep up the good work and I will be sure to refer you when someone asks me about an English Setter.

Bill and Rose
A very professional, informative and delightful website led us to Cora Hebert and Northwind’s English Setters. From our first contact with Cora, we felt very positive and confident about purchasing a future puppy from her.  Through phone calls and e-mail Cora kept us well informed all along the way from conception to delivery of a gorgeous litter of six puppies. When we finally met Cora and the puppies we were very impressed with her love, care, cuddling and even the first steps to house breaking of the puppies! 
We know that our puppy’s transition to life with us was well prepared by Cora and she is just a phone call away. 

William & Diane Our dealings with Cora have been nothing but fantastic. She still checks on Tucker (Tess' February 2005 litter). He's been the most loveable dog I've ever owned. Tucker has been a pleasure from the day we picked him up. He is very trainable and took to hunting easily. Tucker gets along well with our other 2 dogs. As you can see on Cora's web-site, Tucker is quite handsome. I'm sure any of Tess's or soon Miranda's puppies will be TOP notch just like my Tucker.